Key Testimonials

It was suggested that I include a few of the key, comprehensive testimonials that are easily buried on Facebook and on the Petition page. Here, I have included Bob Andrews, Gary Phillips, Ben Norquist, and Bradford Sample. If you can think of any more, please copy and paste them into the comments on this post.


Bob andrews


Gary Phillips, Chattanooga, TN

I sign this petition as a former faculty member, former board member, and alumnus (honorary). While serving on the faculty at Bryan, I loved my students and my colleagues; we were all friends committed to our common mission. I’m deeply saddened by the toxic results of the current administration and board leadership. I affirm the statements of the petition, but I do believe a few board members are being misled and/or manipulated. Still, if the current board does not exercise its fiduciary responsibility for the glory of God and the best interests of the college (as opposed to the best interests of the president), all will become complicit in the extinction of Bryan College. We continue to pray for our beloved school.



Ben Norquist, Glen Ellyn, IL

Regardless of the reasons, no matter where the fault lies, whether through his actions, someone else’s actions, or a combination thereof, Dr. Livesay doesn’t have the credibility required with enough of his employees, students and alumni to do the work of genuine leadership: to call people to a vision, to inspire their contribution and loyalty, to command eager and not merely willing or even begrudging participation. I’m signing this petition as a Bryan alumnus (’04) because the alternative president, a man or woman of vision and care, represents an immediate shift for the better, offering the college instant and ongoing relief from the turmoil, from the often needless loss of talented faculty and staff, people who pack up and carry away institutional knowledge and affection when they depart, from this season of coming to terms with a second rate situation when Bryan could be enjoying a new chapter under new leadership.

Why not choose something different in light of such a weighty loss of credibility? What will the college lose? Why retain Dr. Livesay when there are so many others out there who could do the job, and without the baggage Dr. Livesay has accrued and carries with him, whether he wants to or not, baggage that is an ongoing liability not just for the man, but for the college as well.


Bradford Sample

Canal Winchester, OH

I was one of the 4 vice presidents who left Bryan after the 2014 purge. I had hoped to retire from Bryan – I absolutely loved the College, its faculty and staff, and its students. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to work – at least until the spring of 2014.
I am signing this petition because I believe Dr. Livesay has no strategic vision for the College, and possibly never had one. Bryan College needs a consistent strategic vision aligned with God’s will, and I simply see no evidence of that.
I am also signing because I love the people who were pictured in the faculty photograph of 2012 – most of whom are now gone. They were a faculty of excellent discernment, deep faith, and thoughtfulness who had a genuine love for their students. I miss them and I am very sad at what has transpired over the past three years. Men and women like Drs. Lestmann, Pascucci, Eisenback, Turner, Hollingsworth, Musumeci, Carpenter, Harle, Barnett, and many others should still be teaching or working at Bryan.
The “brain-drain” from Dayton has been immense. I pray that Bryan can hire new leadership quickly. If not, I am afraid that Bryan College will become a tragic statistic because whatever its leadership is doing, it’s not working.



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